During the program year, people of all ages join in learning activities between services from 9:30-10:30 a.m.  Sunday School is an opportunity for children age 3 through 6th grade to form relationships with church mentors and to learn about their faith through Bible stories. Each Sunday starts off with a chance to sing praise together and have fun while sharing God's love with one another. Children love putting quarters in the infamous "quarter tube"  to experience the joy of giving as they support "Water to Thrive," a non-profit well--digging ministry serving Ethiopia and beyond. Registration forms for Sunday school are usually available at the Welcome station in the foyer or in the church office.

A program for adults is Alpha, a chance to gather and ask informally questions about life, our relationship with God, and our relationships with each other in light of God. The leaders of Alpha are excited to have you join them on this journey of discovery. The current sessions discuss how Lutherans interpret the Bible.

In addition to small group opportunities, during the school year, Adult Forum offers a chance to talk about relevant issues of national and local importance. It is indeed a holy time when we talk and delve into the issues of faith in small group or one on one sessions. Together we explore what it means to live out our faith.


Sunday School 2019-2020 Registration Form

Registrations are now on a separate page. Please click here to go to the new registration page and form.

The Adult Volunteer form is now on the same page (and form) as registering your child for Sunday School, Confirmation, or High School Youth Group activities. Just Click on the link in the first paragraph above!